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Scientific Seminar of the Department "Communication Systems and Services"

27.04.2017 Invitation: Seminar April 27, 2017
Theme: "Value Based Decision Control: Management and Decision Support and/or Control of Complex Systems"
Lecturers: Prof. Yuri Pavlov, PhD; Dr. Peter Petrov

19.01.2017 Theme: "Overview of Security Issues in IT and Internet of Things (IoT)"
Lecturer: Ivan Gajdarski, PhD student
  Theme: "Routing in wireless sensor networks"
Lecturer: Teodor Savov, PhD student

27.01.2016 Theme: "Microcontrollers for communication in heterogeneous wireless networks"
Lecturer: Assist. Prof. Svetozar Ilchev, PhD

09.07.2014 Theme: "Value driven design and decision control in complex systems"
Lecturer: Prof. Yuri Pavlov, PhD
03.06.2014 Theme: "Optimal stochastic control, optimal portfolio allocation"
Lecturer: Prof. Yuri Pavlov, PhD
29.05.2014 Theme: "Construction of Geotechnical, Geophysical and Building Information Systems of Eskishehir by using GIS"
Lecturer: Assoc. Prof. PhD Ugur Avdan from the University of Anatolia - Eskisehir, Turkey

17.09.2013 Theme: "Practical application in existing information systems of the models for extracting multifactorial (multiattribute) utility function according to the utility theory, theory of measurement and theory of decision-making"
Lecturer: Prof. Yuri Pavlov, PhD
15.05.2013 Theme: "Use of the utility theory and theory of potential functions in the applied aspect in business management information system ".
Lecturer: Prof. Yuri Pavlov, PhD

20.12.2011 Theme: "Improving the security of Internet-based communication platforms by methods of hiding digital information".
Lecturer: Svetozar Valeriev, PhD student
06.12.2011 Theme: "Application of fuzzy systems analysis and problem solving".
Lecturer: M.Sc. Plamen Ivanov, PhD student
14/15.04.2011 Theme: "Realtime operating system EUROS of the firm Euros Embedding Systems Gmbh".
Lecturer: PhD Stanimir Kabaivanov, Euros Embedding Systems Gmbh
31.03.2011 Theme: "Wireless networks for object control and monitoring".
Lecturer: M.Sc. Ditchko Batchvarov
10.02.2011 Theme: "Simulation Models of Dynamical Processes, Connected with Forest Fires and Flood Events",
Lecturer: Assistant Professor Nina Dobrinkova
27.01.2011 Theme: "The firm CS&S electronics GmbH, Krefeld, Germany. Possibilities for Collaboration".
Lecturer: Mr. Harry Sievers
20.01.2011 Theme: "LINUX experimental environment for work with the microprocessor Family MSP 430".
Lecturer: Kaloyan Dimitrov, PhD student

9.12.2010 Theme: "Wireless Microcontrollers of the Firm JENNIC".
Lecturer: M.Sc. Ditchko Batchvarov
25.11.2010 Theme: "Wireless Sensor Networks" (2).
Lecturer: Assoc. Professor Dimitar Bogdanov, PhD
11.11.2010 Theme: "Wireless Sensor Networks".
Lecturer: Assoc. Professor Dimitar Bogdanov, PhD

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