Design, Development and Deployment
Part 1

WSN Perspectives

◊  Widely considered as one of the most important technologies for the twenty - first century *
◊  WSNs will be widely used in various fields, and revolutionize the way we live, work, and interact with the physical world **

*21 ideas for the 21st century ” , Business Week , Aug. 30 1999 , pp. 78 – 167
**C. - Y. Chong and S. P. Kumar , “ Sensor networks: Evolution, opportunities, and challenges ” , Proceedings of the IEEE , vol. 91 , no. 8 , Aug. 2003 , pp. 1247 – 1256 .
  Table of Contents

 Wireless Sensor networks (WSN) Essentials

 Radio Frequencies Spectrum and Standards

 WSN Application Areas

 Networking Architectures and Protocols
 Hardware Modules and Environments

 Software Development

 Research Topics

  Sensing Paradigm         

  Electromagnetic Spectrum   Electromagnetic Spectrum - Wave Length    Electromagnetic Spectrum Radio Frequencies  Electromagnetic Spectrum - Application Radio Frequencies

  ISM band - industrial, scientific and medical   Short Range Devices    Short Range Devices Standards  ISM Bands

  WSN Radio Frequencies Channels   WSN Application Areas    Comparision  Examples
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